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Helping support our students


Sifu Andrew Carine

Andrew has 50 years of martial arts training, 30 of which was under Professor Dill .He has also trained with two other instructors, both certified by Bruce Lee himself, Guro Dan Inosanto and Sigung Taky Kimura. Andrew is a personal Student and affiliate instructor of Guro Danial Loreno of XTMA, and is an instructor with the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association. 


Simo Regina Carine

Regina is a level 11 out of a total of 12 levels in Jeet Kune Do. She is Sifu Andrew's wife and accompanies him in all his classes and demonstrations. She works closely with the students to help them reach their goals. She is the keeper of records, and documents and techniques and has a comprehensive liberty of notes 


Siji Noor Ali

Noor Ali is our  Junior Instructor. She has trained with Sifu Andrew for 9 years and has shown dedication, loyalty and skill. She assists in teaching the young students on a Wednesday with great passion and being a great role model. She is attending the University of Calgary and Studying Biology.

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