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Sifu Andrew: Canadian Pacific Magazine Feature

The Canadian Pacific Magazine recently showcased the life of Sifu Andrew Carine, a man who blends the world of martial arts with the culinary arts of a chef. Born in the United Kingdom, Andrew started training in martial arts at the age of eight. Fast forward to today, and he stands as an influential figure in both the martial and culinary arts world.

A Proven Master

Most would expect the Chef de Cuisine to be solely focused on perfecting the art of gastronomy. However, Andrew's story adds a dash of badassery to the recipe. While donning his chef uniform, one wouldn't immediately guess that underneath it all, Andrew has a black belt in Jeet Kune Do (JKD). His love for martial arts has seen him train under esteemed instructors and even earn the 6th-degree black belt.

What truly sets Andrew apart is his ability to balance two demanding careers. While climbing the culinary ladder to become a Chef de Cuisine, the highest culinary accolade in Canada, he continued his martial arts path and is now training other students. 

The Martial Arts Journey

Andrew's passion for martial arts took him from London to Bermuda, where he met Prof. Gary Dill, who was a student of Sifu James Lee. Sifu James is one of only three people certified to teach Jeet Kune Do directly from Sijo Bruce Lee. 

Andrew quickly fell in love with JKD and spent time training under Guro Dan Inosanto and Sigung Taky Kimura, who are both also certified by Siji Bruce Lee. In 2011, Andrew was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and won the prestigious Instructor of the Year award.

Manx Martial Arts Academy

Andrew launched the Manx Martial Arts Academy in his basement gym, teaching the principles of JKD. He now has a new location in Calgary. His heritage from the Isle of Man, known for its unique Celtic culture, resonates in his teaching. The Manx motto, "Whichever way you throw me, I shall stand," mirrors his life's philosophy.

Start Your JKD Journey With Manx Martial Arts Today

In the words of Canadian Pacific Magazine, Andrew's life is a testament to how great food may nourish the body, but Jeet Kune Do feeds his soul. And for those of us fortunate enough to witness his journey, it's a delightful reminder that true mastery knows no bounds.

For those lucky enough to live in Calgary, contact Sifu Andrew today to start your Jeet Kune Do training. We also teach Filipino martial arts, XTMA Cross Training and Japanese Kyudo.

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